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Friday, December 19, 2014

Sugarplum Style, Vol. 7

Happy, happy Friday! It's less than a week until Christmas...are you ready?! I hope to finish up this weekend so I can savor next week, and time off with the family. And unfortunately for my jeans, most of my family has demanded requested I bring Crack Bark to all our gatherings. Thank goodness for lycra.

Jeans have pretty much taken over my wardrobe lately...along with lots of you'll see in this latest round of Sugarplum Style.

Vests have become my go-to layering piece this season...I love how they add to an outfit, but don't add hot-flashes like a full-blown jacket can.

Dark sweaters look so fresh when paired with white jeans. See more options in Five Ways to Wear White After Labor Day.

I found this J.Crew look-a-like herringbone vest on Groop Dealz about a month ago, and I've worn it at least twice a week since. It always sells out, but I post it on my Facebook page whenever it becomes available. And PS, use HISUGARPLUM15 for 15% off when you shop!

Striped Turtleneck | Herringbone Vest (similar) | Distressed Jeans | Booties | Watch | Bag (similar)

First with stripes, and the next day I wore it with plaid and spots.

Polka Dot Sweater | Plaid Popover Top | Herringbone Vest (similar) | Skinny Jeans
Booties | Watch | Bag (similar) | Crystal Necklace (similar)

Stripes + Plaid never lets me down...or gets old, apparently. This top has a fun zipper back that makes it more interesting.

I've never been so happy about rainy days as I am now that I have rain boots!

I don't know why more retailers don't make dog sweaters.

  Military Vest | Dog Sweater (similar) | Pink Gingham Shirt (similar)
White Jeans | Booties | Watch

Tip: For shirts that are a little short, or tend to ride up, layer a longer tank underneath. That's what I do for this one to make it appear longer.

Striped Tee | Distressed Jeans | Watercolor Scarf (similar) | Booties | Watch | Bag (similar)

Blanket scarves are a lot of material around your face, so I usually reserve them for dirty hair ponytail days.

This Fall was all about the plaid...but I think fair isle is taking over for Winter. And don't get me started about plaid paired with fair isle! Expect to see that combo on me next.

Fair Isle Sweater | Chambray Shirt | Flap-pocket Jeans | Knee Boots (similar) | Watch

You're likely starting to recognize many of the pieces I wear since they show up time, and time again...the key isn't to have more clothes, but to mix up what you do have in new and different ways. I hope these posts inspire new combinations from your closet!

You can catch up with past installments of Sugarplum Style here, or follow my everyday-style outfits on InstaGram. Make sure you're following my Facebook page, too...that's where I post deals, steals, sales and goodies! Happy weekend, lovebugs!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

{Christmas Craft} Kate Spade Inspired Ornaments

Oh sounds like quite a few of you were wooed by yesterday's recipe...but don't say you haven't been warned! No fair cursing my name when you find yourself in a dark corner, rocking back and forth, while clutching an empty pan!!

We've been (trying) to take this Christmas season at a much slower pace...basically striving for less running amok, and more hot chocolate in front of the tree. (Sidenote: How great is the word amok? I challenge you to casually drop it in conversation today...just see how good it feels.)

But creating small and simple projects is therapeutic for me, so we made time for our annual ornament craft this weekend. Spraypainting and color-blocking ornaments is nothing new, but Rustoleum Gold Glitter spray is new to me, so I wanted to give it a whirl.

Gold + Sparkle = Always a Good Idea.

Hi Sugarplum | Kate Spade Inspired DIY Ornaments

{What You Need}

Rustoleum Gold Spray paint (not shown)
Solid Color Ornaments

Hi Sugarplum | Kate Spade Inspired DIY Ornaments

{What You Do}

Start by cutting your painters tape into strips.

Hi Sugarplum | Kate Spade Inspired DIY Ornaments

Wrap the tape around the ornaments creating different shapes and patterns. Make sure to smooth the edges down completely so there's no seepage. (Sidenote: The word seepage is the opposite of a great word, and I encourage you to not use it in conversation today. Or better yet, use the word, and watch the person's face crinkle-up.)

Hi Sugarplum | Kate Spade Inspired DIY Ornaments

I found some reinforcement stickers in my (extremely organized) junk drawer, so I covered an ornament with those for a polka dot pattern. The kids created their own as well...we'll call those abstract.

Hi Sugarplum | Kate Spade Inspired DIY Ornaments

The glitter spray is actually clear with specks of glitter in it...not the look I was going for. So I gave the ornaments a quick layer of gold paint, then followed it up with the glitter spray. It really takes gold to the next level of bling!

Hi Sugarplum | Kate Spade Inspired DIY Ornaments

It's hard to see in pictures, but there's a lovely reflective quality to it...but no glitter mess! I think these resemble Kate Spade's gorgeous ornaments...without Kate Spade's price tag.

Hi Sugarplum | Kate Spade Inspired DIY Ornaments

Hi Sugarplum | Kate Spade Inspired DIY Ornaments

We hung them with black and white striped ribbon to coordinate with the rest of our color-blocked tree. (See our full Christmas Home Tour here.)

Hi Sugarplum | Kate Spade Inspired DIY Ornaments

Are you crafting anything these days? Don't you love pulling out the homemade ornaments every year? The kids crack up at their early rudimentary projects, but they make me all mushy. Christmas has that effect on me. You can check out our past ornament projects here, here and here.

Home Depot also challenged me to create something with silver glitter I whipped out this Fresh Glittery Pinecone Wreath. You can check it out, along with the simple tutorial, on their blog, The Apron.

OH! And remember this fab jacket from last week's Friday Five? It went on sale (you'd know that if you follow me on Facebook!), therefore it came to live with me...and it is just as fab as you'd hope! I can't wait to jazz up basic dresses with it, or even throw on with jeans and boots. And on a completely opposite note, I'm considering this sale sweater...I love the color and cowl-neck...but what are our thoughts on ponchos? You could always cut off the fringe if it wasn't your jam.

* This post was created in collaboration with Home Depot to help promote the line of Rustoleum Glitter Sprays, but all ideas, choice of vocabulary, and Liberace-obsessing are my own. Thank you for supporting Hi Sugarplum sponsors! *

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