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Friday, August 22, 2014

The Friday Five

The re-entry back to real life has been shaky this week, so thank goodness for Friday! I'm still playing catch-up from being gone, we're hosting our son's birthday party, and the kid's first day of school is the weekend is likely to be crazed. Here's my random Friday Five for your entertainment.

1) Clearly I can't get enough of black and white stripes, since this is the third week in a row I've used them in an outfit board. But can you blame me?! They are so classic, yet perfectly graphic for virtually any outfit. This striped cotton knit blazer is soft and light-weight, and adds polish, while helping to transition your Summer outfits to Fall. And I love the cute feminine-gathers in the back! The maxi, according to the 322 reviews, is near perfect. Both pieces are on crazy-sale, and inspired me to create this entire outfit using only sale items.

Maxi + Stripes

2) I'm always a sucker for cute printables, especially free ones. Leo + Lamb is a gorgeous site that allows you to easily and quickly personalize stationary, invitations and party decor, then download and print yourself. Their lovely flower wreath stationary is currently available for free download, so I jumped at the chance to personalize it for my daughter's new teacher. Tied with a satin ribbon, they will make a pretty back-to-school gift to start the year off right!

free printable

3) Kid's rooms are always my favorite to create and see, and I'm smitten over Jennifer at Dimples and Tangles teen son's rustic, yet still modern, room. Jen's always cranking out the these fur ottomans, and I'm always drooling over her perfect vignettes and styling.

4) I've been working really hard behind-the-scenes on my first Joss & Main Curator Sale and can't wait to share it with you soon! Mark your sale goes live Tuesday, September 2! If I didn't know better, I'd almost think I was a legit blogger.

joss main

5) Kendra Scott gifted me with two pair of the arrowhead-style 'Sky' earrings, and I decided to pass them along to you guys! You are always so encouraging and supportive, so I thought it'd be fun to give them away on InstaGram, my favorite social media. Simply go to this InstaGram post, tag your best friend, and follow @cassiesugarplum. That's it! Feel free to enter as many times as you want, just be sure to tag a different friend each time. I'll pick the random winner Sunday night, and send you and your BFF your colors of choice!


What color earrings would you choose? Are you hooked on InstaGram like me?! I'm off to snag that striped blazer before it sells out....happy weekend, lovebugs!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

{Entrance Hall} Function

Are you guys still with me on this Fabulous Foyer series?! The room has already taken on a new life, with the rug (then another rug!), life and lighting. Now it's time to build in some function.

Hi Sugarplum | 5 Steps to a Fab Foyer

Hi Sugarplum | Entrance Hall Layers (function)

A foyer can be well-decorated, but if there's no where to drop your keys and sunglasses, then it's a wasted opportunity for adding function to the room. Since I'd already bought the rugs and pendant, I decided to shop my house for something to serve as the landing zone. There is only one wall, and the door opens on that side, so I'm limited to something small and narrow.

Hi Sugarplum | entrance hall layers (function)

This little stool has lived in every spot of our house, so I tried it out first, along with a large vase. But it doesn't really provide much function, and it's too small for the spot.

Hi Sugarplum | entrance hall layers (function)

My great-grandfather's old camel saddle is one of the coolest things we own, so it got a turn in the foyer next.

Hi Sugarplum | entrance hall layers (function)

While I think it looks fun here, and I love the warm wood tones, it doesn't provide any function. Unless you're headed out for a camel ride. Even then, I'd probably go with something more comfortable on your tushy.

Hi Sugarplum | entrance hall layers (function)

Finally I tried a little antique table my mom gave me during her recent move (don't you love when parents downsize!?).

Hi Sugarplum | entrance hall layers (function)

It adds the wood tones I like, and has a flat surface to provide a small drop zone.

Hi Sugarplum | entrance hall layers (function)

Plus the narrow profile allows the door to open completely. SOLD!

Hi Sugarplum | entrance hall layers (function)

Hi Sugarplum | entrance hall layers (function)

I wish it were a tad taller, but I'm not about to argue with free! The final step is my favorite....adding style, color and personality. How do you feel about the makeover so far?!

{5 Steps to a Fabulous Foyer}
Step 1: The Rug (and The Rug 2.0)

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